“Marriage is, and will always remain, the most important journey of discovery that a man and woman could ever take.”. We are here to welcome you to the first stage of your promised journey. We like to think that your wedding set amidst the stunning scenery of Venice or the greenery of a Venetian Villa is a special, memorable moment created especially for you and your guests.


A unique location combined with discreet, attentive service make the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal the perfect place for the most beautiful day of your life.
The fascinating, timeless charm of our nine dining rooms will take your guests back in time to the days of the Serenissima Venetian Republic, immersing them in a magical, evocative atmosphere.


The delight of a splendid Venetian Villa surrounded by a park of rare beauty make the Relais Monaco Country Hotel & Spa the ideal setting in which to organise the most beautiful day of your life.